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The Elite iQ™ - Laser Hair Removal

Don’t trust just any laser system for hair removal. Optimal Body & Wellness chooses to offer the Elite iQ because it is designed for fast, safe, and effective laser hair removal in Orlando, FL. The Elite iQ is a high-power system capable of performing various treatments. Beyond permanent hair reduction, Elite iQ effectively treats common skin concerns, including facial wrinkles, sun damage, skin pigmentation, and psoriasis.

Elite iQ reads your skin before removing a single hair. It is designed with the smartest, most advanced technology in laser hair removal. Elite iQ uses Skintel® technology. The only FDA-cleared melanin reader adjusts to your skin type, finding the perfect setting for every skin tone – from dark to fair to tan, and every hair texture – from fine to coarse to thick. The Skintel® device is equipped with technology that reads your precise skin type, so we can safely treat all skin types and areas of the body, including underarms, legs, bikini area, and back – making the Elite iQ device the perfect hair removal solution for men and women. For the best laser hair removal services, call Optimal Body & Wellness.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal has revolutionized the realm of long-term hair reduction. The procedure harnesses the power of laser energy to target hair follicles, inhibiting their ability to produce new hair. At its core, the treatment involves directing concentrated light into hair follicles. The pigment in these follicles absorbs the light, generating heat that eventually damages the follicle, making it difficult for hair to grow back.

Over time and with successive treatments, hair growth in the treated areas dramatically reduces. When considering laser hair removal services, understanding the mechanism can help in setting realistic expectations. The success and efficacy of the procedure depend on various factors, including hair color, skin type, and the growth phase of the hair. With our specialized laser hair removal in Orlando, FL, you can look forward to smoother, hair-free skin with lasting results.


What Makes Our Laser Hair Removal So Unique?

The world of aesthetics is inundated with various technologies, but not all are created equal. At Optimal Body & Wellness, what sets our laser hair removal in Orlando, FL, apart is the pioneering Elite iQ™ system. This high-power system goes beyond merely removing hair; it’s also equipped to treat a myriad of skin concerns. One standout feature is its Skintel® technology. Unlike conventional devices, Elite iQ reads your skin, adjusting to your unique skin type, ensuring precise, safe, and optimal results. This personalized approach means even those with tanned or darker skin tones, who often find laser treatments challenging, can safely opt for our services. With this level of precision, the Elite iQ device offers unmatched laser hair removal in Orlando, FL. By choosing us, you’re not just selecting a hair removal service; you’re investing in a technologically advanced, tailored experience that understands and values the uniqueness of every individual.

What to Expect with Elite iQ™ and Skintel®

The hair removal procedure:

  1. The treatment area should be clean-shaven prior to the procedure.
  2. The provider will use the Skintel® melanin reader to measure the skin on the treatment area and adjust treatment settings according to your specific skin type.
  3. The provider will then guide the laser handpiece over the area being treated.
  4. The handpiece will emit beams of laser energy which is absorbed by the hair follicles and converted to heat.
  5. This heat disables the hair follicle from future growth.


Our laser hair removal in Orlando, FL, is virtually painless but can vary by patient.

Our laser hair removal services can take from just 5-60 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.

A series of 3-6 treatments is recommended for optimal results, but every patient is different. Work with your provider to develop a plan that is right for you!

Our laser hair removal in Orlando is safe for all skin types, including light and dark skin, and most hair colors. Work with your provider to determine the best treatment options for you!

Treatment areas include face, underarms, arms, legs, back, bikini, chest, and more!

You can expect to see a gradual decrease in the hair thickness and in the amount of hair present*. Since this treatment only targets hair in the active phase of growth, multiple treatments are often needed for complete removal.

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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